My Horrible Experience with Ikea Poang Rocking Chair


Ikea has a history of producing quality contemporary furniture including chairs. However, some customers have had problems with the Ikea Poang in particular. It’s an important issue to keep in mind for anyone who’s considering purchasing the chairs. I got recommended the Ikea Poang at BestRockingChairs.net, which say that they are just recommend the best rocking chair in the market. Here are some of the key problems that people have had:

1. Collapsing

This is a problem that’s been reported on the Internet by multiple owners. It’s one thing if a chair has some minor issues related to small parts. However, it’s quite another thing if the entire chair is at risk of collapsing, since it could result in injuries. This isn’t to say that the chair will definitely collapse within time. However, it’s certainly an issue worth considering since it could result in possible injuries.

It’s important to note that the collapsing could also occur at any time. In online reports it sometimes occurred months after purchasing the Poang chair. This actually makes the situation more difficult because it means it’s possible the chair could break down at virtually any time if there are problems.

2. Bolts

The arm bolts have often been blamed for the Poang chair having problems. It’s not the only piece that’s had problems in the past. However, it’s often been blamed for the chair having issues. In particular, the left arm bolt has reportedly caused various problems for owners of the chair. The bolts are small pieces of the chair but can certainly be a key factor in holding the parts together. Thus, it’s important to keep this in mind when assembling the chair to make sure that the bolts are as secure as possible. Otherwise it could increase the chance that the bolts could malfunction or even break while the chair is being used.

3. Design

One of the major complaints about the Ikea Poang is the design of the chair. It’s been argued that the problem of the chair malfunctioning is greatly based on the actual design of the chair. However, a complaint is that the company hasn’t been willing to take steps to fix the problem. It could be argued that it’s the only truly solution for the problem. However, it’s unclear if the company will make tweaks to the design in order to fix the problem and improve customer satisfaction.

The issue could be related to the cost required to change the chair’s design. Large companies are often unwilling to make such changes unless problems with the products are more commonplace. However, it seems that people have had problems with the Ikea Poang following different time periods after they purchased the unit. This might be causing the company to question if the problem is major enough to result in a major change in the chair’s design. Ikea is a multi-billion dollar company so it might assume that it’s not worth investing in changes to a $150 chair since it’s not a problem that every customer has had after purchasing the chair.

4. Functionality

One complaint of the chair is that it’s more like a recliner than a chair. Thus, if you want to sit back and relax, it might be a good option. However, if you want to use it for watching TV, reading, and similar activities, the Poang might not be a good choice. Another complaint is that within time the angle of the back increases, which causes the chair’s user to be reclined even more than when they bought the chair.

5. Service

Many owners of the Ikea Poang have complained that when they informed the company about the problems with the chair. It should be noted that one of the main problems was that customers didn’t have receipts of their purchase, so in a sense they were at fault for not keeping a written record of their purchase. On the other hand, the problems people have had when trying to get their chair replaced has caused some customers to claim that they’ll stop patronizing the company. It’s a judgment call if one bad experience with the company’s products should warrant stop doing business with them. However, it certainly seems to be the case that in some cases the company doesn’t seem to be taking major steps to solve the customers’ problem by providing solutions in terms of issues with the chair.


Hotels Without Comfortable Toilet Seats


I know that there’s a lot of furniture or any other chair that brings comfort at any time. But still, I can’t take away toilet seat from my list. Some people may have taken a toilet seat for granted because it may not be as glamour as any other furniture. The fact that it is placed in the bathroom makes people refuse to talk about it. Hotels or in any home really. We need to talk about it!

I personally do not think that there’s nothing wrong in talking about toilet seats because we use it on a daily basis, right? It should be a normal topic to talk about; after all we all go and visit the toilet, don’t we? For some reason, I’d like to share to you the comfort I found from sitting on toilet seats.

When the word comfort is mentioned, the first thing that comes to our mind is softness. Luckily, there are toilet seats that are indeed as plush as pillows but perform as ceramics. This type of toilet seat gives finest comfort as it supports the legs while you sit. However, fluffy toilet seats are not yet a big thing because the foam crazes is more profound in other industries.

I personally prefer the hard type. This type of toilet seat also gives comfort and are usually made up of wood. Wooden toilet seats are more comfortable than the plastic ones. That is why most household are still choosing the hard type over the soft ones. But whoever you choose, the most important thing is for the toilet seat to give reliable comfort at all times.

Considering the comfort the toilet seat brings is as major as considering its quality and durability. I am happy that this toilet seat of mine gives me comfort like no other. So whenever I feel the need to go to the toilet, I can still do my business with much comfort. Remember also that a toilet seat making you uncomfortable may cause irritation and rashes to the bum. To avoid these types of toilet seats, visit this website!

Getting The Right Toilet Seats

Well, aside from looking the comfort it brings, there are still other major considerations to do when buying the right toilet seat.

Choosing the best toilet seat for you:

  • Find the right shape that matches your toilet bowl. You can choose between round and elongated toilet seats. The important thing is that the shape should match your toilet bowl as the seat will cover it.
  • Choose your desired material. When choosing the material, there is nothing to consider but your own choice. Choose among plastic, wooden, or cushioned seat. Cleaning and maintenance differs from one material to another. So you may want to look at that as well.
  • Check the features. Most toilet seats of this day come with special features. If you are living on a country with cold climate, then consider buying a hot toilet seat. There are also bidet seats fpr gentle cleaning once you’re done with the toilet.
  • Match it with the bathroom’s design and color. Toilet seats also add aesthetic to the design of the whole bathroom. Matching it with the colors add more beauty to your most private place.

These are just few pieces of advice that I can give you for buying a toilet seat. With my own toilet seat, I can say that I am definitely satisfied. Its quality and performance are excellent, plus the comfort it gives me. I definitely love visiting hotels where they think about each little detail, everything from the bedding to the toilet seat. Hotels should think about this as well, I am so frustrated when I need to sit on these yellow-ish toilet seats that have been worn since the 50s… FIX IT, NOW!


Skip The Stars – rate hotels with turntables!


My family and I used to travel from places to places. I have already come across hotels that have a score of brands which seemed well dated. I can freely say that most of the hotels nowadays look quite identical for me, especially with their cleanliness and customary designs. Although they are undeniably comfortable to be at, however for me it gets a wee bit dreary at times. But there was this one time that we stayed at a hotel with a whole lot of ambience. Down the hall it has a common loo, quite indulgent pads, and what is most impressive of all is that they have turn tables and customized electric guitars giving you a feel of what a rock stars’ home should be like. Experience In Hotels With Turntables

I’m a millennial teenager. Music keeps my blood pumping. However, I like things that are vintage and retro;it feels new and original for my taste. When I was young, I saw my old man play music with turntables and it looks awesome to me.

We came down the hall at breakfast time and I was welcomed by the sound of classical music playing through my ears. It did not sound like modern headphones banging my eardrums; it was soothinggiving me a great time while wolfing down my breakfast. I saw where the music came from and it was from a turntable which added a vintage, homey feel in its ambiance.

The Role Of Interior Design In This Industry

Currently, there is a gap in the market for hotel rooms that fill the needs of our generation’s travelers. That won’t be the case for much longer, because many of the world’s largest hotel franchises are now preparing to roll out new hotels which aimed exclusively at tomorrow’s tourists.

In the past, privacy and personal space were the key concepts of the hospitality industry. As the world gets more socially interactive, so does the standards of hotels are now changing. Today’s traveler doesn’t want to sit alone minding their own business. Somewhat, they crave for community spaces where they can enjoy exploring.

A good example of a hotel which started a new type of hospitality that caters to the modern day generation’s social interactivity is Ace Hotel that opened in 1999 in Seattle. The hotel pride itself for being able to appeal to the creative scene due to its unique amenities, locally available artworks, furniture, as well as in-house turntables.There also other hotels that also embody the ethical and artistic mind-set of modern day hipsters. One of those hotels is Hotel Saint Cecilia in Travis Heights. Their furniture are handpicked, from a Noguchi coffee table, Chesterfield sofa with a heady modern poetic touch, as well as their other well curated pieces like vinyl, turntables, and other in room goodies.

Hotels And Turntables For Music Lovers

It comes to no surprise that Hotel Saint Cecilia has managed to have made innovative leap and changes from the usual front desk in order to make way for large array of vinyl collections where guests are free to play their chosen records on a turntable. The hotel is living up to its name, after all it is named after the patron saint of music and poetry. Having in-room turntables, iPod docks, and record players installed in every room makes it quite easy to start or maybe take the party inside your room.

Just like in Hotel Saint Cecilia, the Ace Hotel based in New Yorkbrings back guests to a time when vinyl was ruler. Every roomhasMusic Hall turntables with moderate selections of vinyl recordswhichallow guests to put their own spin on their in-room entertainment.

Since the beginning of Rock And Roll, hotels played an important role of catering to the needs of every bands and musician. Regardless if they house bands that are on road tour or catering to a band who is taking up a suite as their temporary residence while finishing up an album, hotels have always been an important part of music history. This is the reason why some of the best hotels even have musical amenities being offered specifically for musicians who just want to enjoy some rest and recreation while still creating music.

The HotelStar Rating System For Rooms With Turntables

Star ratings are often utilized by the hospitality industry in order to rank the overall quality of their services. At first it was only meant to inform guests from different origins of the basic features and amenities that they can expect from the facility, but now it already goes beyond that. It refers to the entire hotel experience that you will be able to enjoy. Having said that, factors such as food, interior design, and even musical amenities already come in to play; this was done by the hospitality industry in or der to create a more comprehensive hotel standard.

If you are thinking of booking for a room yourself you might want to take a look at those hotels that have higher star ratings than others. These are the ones that most likely have the musical amenities (such as having turn tables inside the room) that you are after. Why would you want to consider having turn tables inside your hotel room anyway?

This is a nice touch to enjoy that nostalgic feel while listening to the available records.

Are you a music lover? Then you would certainly enjoy having a turn table inside your room because you will be able to bring your favorite vinyl on your trip. So, if you are a hotel owner, or would like to refer the best turntable for some hotels then you should refer them to this website!

Finally, it just adds a nice touch of character to it.

In the end, it is really up to you whether you would appreciate a hotel more just because it has rooms with turn tables included. Just remember that musical amenities are just one aspect to a holistic and enjoyable hotel experience that everyone expects to get in each of their stay. After all, what good would a turn table do if the hotel lacks a few services right?


A story of when I was in Oklahoma

Last year, I went to US for the first time, my trip was destined for Oklahoma. I was really excited, mainly because US is… US. But also because my brother had lived in US for a few years and we haven’t had time to meet each others since. I was traveling for work when he was home visiting and I didn’t have the money to go to him.

We were staying in a hotel, because my brother lives in a student apartment with someone else. And packing in my sister, my dad, my mom and me would be a nightmare, especially for the roommate I assume.

Anyhow, I got my own room with a king size bed and a nice view over the city. I was living life, I had a big closet. Actually a funny little thing was hanging in that closet when I first opened it. The prior hotel guest must have forgotten it. It was a thing that change my life, in a way. It was a waist trainer!

I’ve seen plenty of waist trainers on TV, and by the Kardashian sisters promoting it like crazy on their social medias and much more but I’ve never wanted to purchase one as I felt a bit ashamed because I actually wanted to try one. At the first glance of it I thought it was a shirt or something, but then I walked over and it was exactly one of those that the Kardashians have promoted. Because I am a control freak I quickly googled for a size chart to make sure I would not hurt myself but it was exactly my size (crazy coincidence huh?). Looking back at it, it is funny how I didn’t restrain from wearing it as it was obviously belonging to someone else.

igor_the_hunchback_by_nahim89At first I was skeptical, but as I started to wear it more and more I just started feeling more confident in myself but also it seemed to support my back which have had problems for several years due to the bad posture I have when using my computer (at the moment I sit with my back looking like the The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I haven’t learned to control myself properly). Anyhow, I started wearing it more and more and after a while I was hooked, addicted and obsessed (which all three have the same meaning). During the trip I wore it probably a good 40-50 hours during our 7 day vacation.

I actually left the waist trainer in the hotel room because I wouldn’t feel great using someone else waist trainer. But as soon as I got home from the vacation I decided to buy myself one because I just loved it so much. My waist have cinched a great amount already, but I have also included these waist training exercises to slim my waist down even more.

Waist training is a gift that I will forever be thankful for. I can literally wear it when I do whatever, like walking my dog or buying some groceries. THANK YOU FOR LEAVING YOUR WAIST TRAINER IN THAT CLOSET DEAR STRANGER! The trip that I paid a few thousand dollars for was totally worth it because of this, and of course because I got to hang out with my brother as well as enjoying US.

Thank you for reading,


What to Consider When Looking for a Hotel?


Whether you are on a vacation or on a business travel, there are a lot of things that you must consider when looking for a nice hotel. There is no doubt that plenty of choices in hotels are available but you have to take some things into account to make the right choice.

Below are some of the most important things to consider when looking for a hotel:


The first and foremost thing to consider is the location of the hotel. For example, if you are travelling with family or old parents, then you will need a peaceful location or the location that is close to the local attractions. Similarly, in case you are on the business travel, then you must choose a location that is located close to your business location.

Hotel Amenities

The hotel’s amenities should be considered too. You must perform an extensive research about the amenities being offered by the hotel. Some of the common amenities are TV, Wi-Fi, swimming pool and more. Some of the hotels also offer room service and laundry services. You have to be careful in choosing the amenities because it can increase the cost.

Reviews and Testimonials

If you don’t really want to get stuck in a hotel that is not good, you must consider the testimonials and reviews. The hotel that has a bad reputation will of course have bad reviews.


Now this is among the most important factors when it comes to choosing a hotel. Your budget will decide what type of hotel you can pick. The longer your vacations or travel, the more price you will have to pay for the hotel. You can look for discounts and deals at the hotel for picking the hotel that suits your budget well.

Transport Services

Last but not the least, you have to consider transport services offered by the hotel because you will be traveling of course. Many people tend to forget this and they end getting in trouble just because of lack of transportation services at hand.

Every time you look for a hotel, you will always find these points handy. This will let you choose the right hotel and you will not have to regret about your decision at the end of the day. This might get time consuming but it will be worth it because you will be making the right purchase at the end.

How to Book a Hotel Online?


Booking a hotel is not a big thing. There was a time when you had to physically go and look for a hotel and make a reservation. But as the use of internet has become widespread, you can easily book a hotel online. You just have to sit in front of your computer, enter some keywords, and you will get the results.

Steps for Booking a Hotel Online

So, the question is how to book a hotel online? Just follow the steps below and you will be done:

  1. First, you need to find a hotel that you want to make a reservation in. That depends where you want to stay.
  2. Look for the best hotels in your locality. Let’s say you want to find a hotel in Florida. Now search for the best hotels in Florida and pick the one that you like the best.
  3. Now that you know which hotel you want to book a room in, let’s get started with the booking itself.
  4. Select the room according to your budget and the number of days you will be needing an accommodation. You are supposed to provide some basic information for that purpose like full name, travel dates and more.
  5. You can even make a reservation by calling the hotel directly. The website will have the contact number so you can readily call the hotel management and find out more about a certain package.
  6. In case you are staying for an extended time period, then you will have to pay for the nights upfront and pay the remaining amount once you get to the hotel. On the day of check out, you have to leave the credit card number of the file and pay the bill.
  7. After this, you have to confirm your hotel room by printing the receipt at the end of the session of the online booking. Read the receipt carefully for confirming that the travel dates are correct and the bill contains the amount of rate you agreed upon. Make sure that the extra fees are explained at the time of booking so that you are not surprised at the time of check out.

Tips for Booking Hotel Online

That’s how you will be booking your hotel online. There are some tips that you must follow before you make the booking:

  • Go for the best hotel search engine to look for a nice hotel online. The purpose of these search engines is to allow you to choose the right one online without spending much time. You have to specify the travel days, nights of stay, ideal location and the amenities required. Some search engines also ask you to specify your budget so that you can come across exactly what you need.
  • Use the discounted search tools for comparing the hotel options. You simply have to specify the price and travel date. This will make you find the hotels at a cheap rate. You must read the reviews of hotels online which you think is best to go for. People have readily shared their experiences. On the basis of this information, you can make the decision.
  • If you are using the discounted search tools, you have to book the room before knowing which hotel you might be staying in. When you book a room, make sure you read the fine print so that you don’t get surprised by the stipulations.

All thanks to technology, today, even apps are available that can let you book a hotel by simple clicks. You just need to keep the right app in your smartphone so that you can book a hotel right away without wasting much time.